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OP Bot

A Multipurpose Discord Bot For Economy, Backup, Join To Create, Discord Together, Giveaways, Moderation, Fun And More!

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OP Bot Has A Lot Of Features And Commands With 11 Categories:

OP Administration Commands
addcommand, addemoji, automod, autorole, configuration, delcommand, deletemod, dj, ignore, lockdown, setmodlogs, setprefix, setreports, setsuggests, slowmode   

OP Security Commands
antiban, antibot, antichannelcreate, antichanneldelete, antiroleadd, antirolecreate, antiroledelete, antiwebhookcreate, whitelist

OP Giveaway Commands
gdelete, gedit, gend, greroll, gstart  

OP Economy Commands
addcredits, balance, beg, buy, crime, daily, deposit, donate, fish, gamble, inventory, leaderboard, monthly, removecredits, rep, rob, search, sell, shop, slots, weekly, withdraw, work

OP Join To Create
jtcban, jtckick, jtclock, jtcunban, jtcunlock, setlimit, setup

OP Backup Commands
backupcreate, backupinfo, backupload

OP Moderation Commands
announcement, ban, checkinvites, clear-sanctions, clear, giverole, kick, lock, mute, poll, removerole, sanctions, setnickname, setwarns, unban, unlock, unmute, warn
OP Fun Commands

8ball, ascii, choice, dogfact, emojify, findwords, flip, lmg, lovecalc, meme, number, roll, rps, say, yttogether  

OP General Commands
hastebin, help, invitebot, ping, remindme, report, setafk, shorturl, someone, suggest, translate   

OP Information Commands
invitations, membercount, memberpermissions, prefix, roles, servericon, serverinfo, staff, userinfo   

OP Images Commands
avatar, bird, captcha, cat, clyde, dog, duck, facepalm, fire, fox, jail, love, mission, qrcode, rip, scary, shibe, tobecontinued, triggered, tweet, wanted, wasted  

OP Support Commands
feedback, hasvoted, invite, support, vote   


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