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Everest Is Powerful Discord Moderation Bot With Many Features In It. Bot Prefix is + and you can also use bot my mentioning bot.

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Everest Is Powerful Moderation Bot With Many Features in it.
Everest Have Ticket System Which is use for a help people can ask for help by making tickets(only members who has administrator permission can access to ticket)
Everest has alt identifier system which is used for detecting a alt account and for banning alt account
Everest has verification system also to check weather the user is a bot or a real human
Everest also have anti raid system which includes anti links, anti bot, anti join and ghost ping detector
Everest also have a welcome system that can welcome user when users join the server
It also have many moderation commands like kick, ban, warn, hackban, etc
Bot also have slash commands and context menu to use context menu there are 2 options 1st option is that if you right click on your profile in a server in which bot is there you will see new option name apps now click on apps option you will se Avatar option and then if you lick on that bot will send you avatar and not your in which user you right click it will send it's avatar and 2nd option is that if you right click on message of a server in which bot there there also new option came apps then go to apps option then you will see 2 options of everest bot ping and help if you click on that you will the message according to name of command.

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Milrato-xyz | Rating System
Hey it's a nice bot i used it and it is nice